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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Electrifying the ryokan and more

I am finally back to working on the ryokan and posting. It has been really busy with company, a trip to see the grandchildren, and a mini vacation at a sporting lodge in the Maine woods.

This photo shows some cushions I have been making for the chairs, and a couple of arm rests. The cloth on the cushions is quite thick to use for chairs this tiny, but in person it looks quite nice. The photos don't do it justice, because they reflect too much light. I've still got lots more cushions to make, and quite a few arm rests.

This is a little sign that goes outside of the ryokan. I grunged it up a bit so it would look more like it's been outdoors in the weather.

I finally started making the hanging lamps to go in the ryokan. I modified them so I could add battery powered LED lights. It makes the cords they are hanging from look heavy, but I think I am going to like them. There is also a plain LED bulb inside the tokonoma. You can't see it, but I think it will look nice when it's lit. I bought a little kit from, that contains five lights. I knew I would need more, but thought I would buy the tiny kit first, to see how I like them. They were very easy to wire, so I am going to order more.

I haven't added the battery part yet, because I haven't decided how many lights I want, and where I will want them, plus, the wires won't reach all the way across the middle floor, which is the floor I wired first so I need to figure something out. (I am keeping the ryokan so the floors aren't permanently attached to each other, so it will be easier to move, which also means that each floor will be wired separately). Anyway, it will be fun to see them lit! I will probably have to add paint to each bulb to dim them down some, but I won't know how much they need to be dimmed until I light them.

The little buddha in the tokonoma was in my stash of things that I've had for years. I've had it for so long that I don't even remember where it came from. Anyway, he looks quite contented sitting in the tokonoma for now.

I put a bare bulb in the telephone booth, but I'm not sure if I will add any more lighting to this room or not. I will probably put a bulb into the little shoji lantern as well, but I still haven't decided which room to put that into either, which is part of the reason I haven't hooked everything up to the battery part of the kit yet. Part of the staircase is missing in this room right now because I've got the floors separated while I add the wiring.

This is the light in the dragon room. I put a bare bulb in the tokonoma of this room as well.


  1. Love the chair fabric. Yeah it's a bit chunky but it so fits with the decor. Am I reading right that the kit came with a battery kit of lighting? Anyway, since the back of the house wasn't even technically to be seen, you could drop and hide the wires out back thru fake "gutters" or something. I saw one person actually wired everything to the roof and part of the roof they left accessable to put in the battery there. You saw how I made my back of the house so I could make a dumpster to hide my battery. Anyway, I'm excited to see the house lit! Excellent job!

  2. Hi Peggy, No, the lighting didn't come with the ryokan, I got it from when I sent for some stuff for the grandchildren. I think it's the same as your lighting, since they got it from Evans.

    I am going to send for more wire, shrink tubing, lights and the battery cases with switches on them so I will be able to add lights wherever I want to. I'm just trying to decide whether I want nine volt, or three volt. The kit I got had nine volt, but the little coin batteries would be much easier to hide.

    Since I am leaving the ryokan so I can remove the roof and separate the floors, it would be very easy to hide the coin batteries between the floors. Also, since each floor will be wired independently, there will be very few wires to camouflage, since most of the wiring will also be between the floors. So far, the only disadvantage I can see to not attaching the floors to each other is that the top half of each staircase can't be installed permanently.

    I actually got an email from someone who knows the girl who built the brothel. He emailed a few of her photos to me, where she was setting hers up at a show, and her floors, as well as the hinged extensions were all independent of each other, so I guess it's doable for me to keep my floors independent as well.