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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Landscaping on the left hand side

Lately I've been working on making greeting cards for a craft show I will be doing on Saturday, so I haven't gotten as much done on the ryokan as I wanted. I have been drawing out plans for a tea house, and making lots of flowers though. This photo shows some of the flowers in place. The steps down to the lower level will be behind the pergola, and there will be a pathway to the teahouse, which will sit in a garden on another piece of styrofoam. That garden will just butt up against this one, so it will be easier to move. I hope to actually be able to add a bamboo fence to the tea garden.


  1. How neat to make cards! I bet it's fun, too! Please share some photos - I'd love to see them! The gardens are looking so pretty! The flowers really pop against the green! The bamboo fence sounds intriguing - Can't wait to see photos of the teahouse garden, too!

  2. Thanks Jodi, I actually used to put my cards on a blog, but I haven't updated it in a few years. It's here:

    I'll be really relieved when I actually have a working plan for the tea house. I keep cutting panels out of foam core, then changing my mind. :-( I draw it all out on graph paper first, but when I start putting things together, I think of something else. I guess I looked at too many ideas on Pinterest!

    1. What a nice morning I had looking through all of your beautiful cards and projects! It was a whole new world to me - I had to Google search and watch videos as I went to learn about the terms you were using, lol! Now I understand emboss, deboss, CS = card stock, die cutting, layering, embellishing et all!. I feel as though I was given a key to unlock a new room. When I peeked inside my mind was blown with all of the possibilities for paper crafting! You make such beautiful cards, Kathi! I loved so many of them and even though it was not your favorite, the reflection tree card was amazing! If you get board this winter, please think about posting on the card blog again! New people like me would so appreciate learning from your talent and experience!

    2. Thank you so much Jodi. I really enjoy the card making as much as I do miniatures, and it is a good way to earn extra money. No matter how bad the economy is, people always buy greeting cards! I set up my table at the craft fair this afternoon. The show is tomorrow, but there are a ton of bigger shows going on tomorrow too, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    3. Oh how exciting! Good luck and many, many sales! Extra money is always a welcomed prospect!