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Friday, June 24, 2016

Lots done on the roof

I've been working on the ryokan a lot, but have been too busy to find time to post. These two photos show what it looks like as of now. (The inside stairs still aren't permanently installed).

I will have to do some patching to hide the white lines under the two gables. There have been a few things it has been impossible for me to figure out, even with translation software, so I just have to try to do the best I can, and will fix whatever didn't come out just right after the roof is done. So far, anything that is a little "off" will be easy to disguise later on.

I have almost all of the tiling done, which is a relief, because there is a lot of fitting and cutting to do, and the tiles are really tough to cut, but the roof will be so beautiful that it's worth it!

I've got the fancy wooden things done on the front two gables, as well as the onigawaras on both of them. (The onigawaras are those two decorative tile things sticking up over the peaks). That really added a lot of interest to the building, and I was excited to get them done.

There is still quite a bit of tiling to do on the back of the roof, then more fancy stuff on the peaks and the angles of the roof. I will probably give it a coat of black paint once it's done, because the tiles aren't very even in color. Peggy had to do that with hers as well. Once that is done, I will be able to finish all the lights and accessories I didn't do before. Then I will be able to start things like the landscaping and extra accessories which aren't part of the kit.

Since the house is on display now, it's good to have it looking as complete as it does!


  1. Looking really great! You build this so quickly. It took me so long, but I was learning a lot and taking my time and decorating with objects too. I miss doing all that. Agree on the tiles. What a pain. I used the little red wire cutters that came with the kit and cut down the tiles as much to size, then sanded them to fit. It was terrible! So much dust. Good you had the cutter. The turned up edges look great. Looking forward to what you will put inside!!!

  2. Thanks Peggy, yeah, a lot of the reason mine came together so fast is because I didn't do all the little extras that you did.

    I wanted mine to be finished enough that I could display it in the shop, so as it got closer to summer, I concentrated the most on the outside. I still have all the lights and the little armrests and things that I haven't even started.

    The Japanese kit didn't come with any tools. There was a sheet in one of the first kits to send for all of those things, but of course the kit I have was way back in 2005, so I've just used tools I have, and bought others.

    I'm getting really excited to finish up the accessories, start landscaping, and make my own things to put inside. Like you did, I want to send for some food from Angie Scarr. I've made my own Fimo food before, but mine is no where near as good as hers! I also can't wait to make little cushions and things using some beautiful cloth I have, and try lighting the house!

  3. Sounds great!! Can't wait to see it! In the end if you order stuff now from Angie, you could send it to me. It may get to me in time before I fly out on the 9th August. I'm coming down to visit my Dad for a few weeks. You could send it to my address and then I could send it to you when I get to North Windham. Good way to avoid customs and such and transport cost. If you think it's a good idea, let me know. Angie, like all of us here in Europe, will be on holiday all of August so you might want to check her site now.

  4. Thanks Peggy, I really appreciate the offer! I'm not sure how soon I will send in an order, so I may not take you up on it, but it was nice of you to let me know! Luckily, her stuff is small, so the postage shouldn't be too bad. I will probably order quite a few things from her to make it worth while.

    If you want to get together while you are here, let me know, but if you won't get a chance, I certainly understand. :-)