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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dragon Room Tokonoma and Shoji Window

I finished the shoji window in the second floor landing, and the tokonoma in the dragon room.

It was a little easier to install the tokonoma in this room than the last one. The little cabinet with the sliding door was easier as well, because it was a lot larger than the tiny one in the other room. I used the same chiyogami paper on the sliding doors to the cabinet as I did on the fusuma.

I wish I was brave enough to have made the posts in the tokonomas in both rooms from actual sticks, rather than the supplied dowels, but it's difficult enough to get the ready made ones to fit. I'll just have to figure out how to incorporate some natural things later.

I attached the left hand tatami room to the landing last night. Now I am ready to attach the dragon room to it.

The next step will be to start making the porches that swing out from the building when it is open. Each porch covers one tatami room and half of the center room.


  1. What about covering a dowel with paper? Wouldn't change the installation much. Loving the dragon paper really!!

  2. I thought about that, I really liked the way your bamboo one came out. I'm thinking about trying to do something with driftwood once the weather warms up. (It's still cold down east, we didn't get the nice weather that Portland did).

    I'm loving how creative you can get with this house!