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Monday, March 21, 2016

The Spa is finished, except for the ceiling!

The spa is finished except for the ceiling. The windows have sliding slats that can be open and closed. This shows them partially open. They look really nice, but it was a bit of a pain to get them so they slid easily. One of the reasons is that you have to be really careful not to glue the two sliding sections together, while at the same time, making sure you use enough glue to keep them from falling apart completely. Then there is the problem of getting them so they fit well in the frames. They came out really nice though, once I finally got them in and working! I love the "water" pouring into the spa through the bamboo pipe too. The little faucets in the rock wall are also a really nice touch.

You can see a curtain between the entryway and the spa, and the bamboo half wall that directs you first into the changing room, which will be built soon.


  1. Thanks Peggy, I like yours better, but I'm pretty happy with it!