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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Portico and some Accessories

I have been without internet for almost a week, but now I finally have it back and can post some pictures of my progress.

This is the Portico. The parts from it were included in the first few chapters. I have used Behr French Creme paint for the wall behind the Portico, and Minwax Walnut stain for the woodwork.

For the "pebble" surface below the Portico, I used three shades of grey, and raw sienna acrylic paint. There will be wainscotting on the bottom half of this wall.

This is the back of the portico. I am painting the inside walls white. The back of this wall is the front wall of the entryway hall.

These are some of the accessories in the first few kits. There are two doors, one goes to the entryway, and the other in the kitchen.

So far, I have built two low chairs. I am painting them black to simulate lacquer. The back and seat have little bamboo mats on them. I have also done one table in black.

The stove is an interesting piece, it is made from ceramic, and has three metal pots with wooden covers. I haven't really done anything to that yet.

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